The Playing Field

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What opportunity requires is action...

The feedback from the forum can be summarized in five guiding principles:

o   Inspired Development: Inspired, functional patterns of development within the developed areas of Lady’s Island that support small businesses, new residents and community interaction.

o   Connected Transportation: An integrated transportation network that includes bicycles, pedestrians and cars, and allows for future public transit.

o   Character Enhancement: Retention of the Island’s character and support that advances a vibrant rural community with healthy farms, wetlands and waterways.

o   Sunlight and Predictability: A fully transparent, predictable development process and plan for future growth that is collaborative across jurisdictional boundaries.

o   Community Involvement: A concerned, educated and engaged citizenry that works toward solutions alongside experts and elected officials.

The forum is a model for future engagement. Residents and business owners want to be involved with government planning efforts. The following resources provide more information on the current process and government plans.  We encourage you to use this information, attend meetings, contact government officials and staff, and join the process.